This old house new rose garden

1914 Craftsman house (c) Elisa Leonelli

We recently met new residents of  Reynier Village.  Huli and Raphael Sloane, a wife & husband of considerable artistic talent are transplants of Mar Vista. They brought with them 28 of their mature rose bushes and a large Bird of Paradise. They are going to replant them in the yard of their colorful 1914 Craftsman bungalow which is a rare sight in Reynier Village as most homes here were erected in the mid 1920’s-late 30’s.  Rumor has it that this house was moved to Reynier Village from some other part of the city.  (Anyone with information, please let us know!).

What is particularly special is that Mr. Sloane is a fine art photographer, whose specialty is an expansive study of flowers that also includes blossoms from endangered plants.

“1 out of 3 plant species in the United States is under threat of extinction! Non-native, invasive species are the No. 2 threat to native plants.These facts have instilled an urgency in the direction of my work to include more endangered plant species as subjects and ultimately heighten peoples awareness of their plight.” Raphael Sloane

Text by Deni Mosser and Elisa Leonelli

We are pleased to have permission to publish two of Mr. Sloane’s photos.
Do enjoy,  and be sure to visit his delightful Website.

Green fig © Raphael Sloane 2009

Squash blossom © Raphael Sloane 2009

Squash blossom                                 © Raphael Sloane 2009

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