RAL Reynier Park clean-up


The boys and girls of the Robertson Activity League (RAL) were at Reynier Park on Wednesday July 29  picking up trash and litter. The participants to this 10-week summer program at the Robertson Recreation Center, aged 12-16, perform community service projects to earn points that can then be cashed in for field trips.  They also did a trash clean-up along Robertson Blvd, North of Cadillac, they planted a garden at the Recreation Center, they wrote  letters to Soldiers deployed overseas, they help weekly at the Robertson Library restocking books, etc.

This program is made possible through a  grant from: The Los Angeles Police Foundation, SoRo Neighborhood Council, Council District 5, Council District 10 and Robertson Recreation Center.
Their goal is to teach community responsibility in a fun exciting way.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to control littering in our Reynier Village or would like to help with further clean-ups.

You can email your thanks to the Facility Director of the Robertson Recreation Center Brooke.Powers@lacity.org

Text and photo by Elisa Leonelli

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