ART WALK Culver City

This annual event gets better and better.
This year we decided to explore the area of Washington Blvd between National and La Cienega, East of the more popular downtown Culver City, and found a flourishing neighborhood, full of art galleries, of course, like Thinkspace, Kinkead Contemporary, Susanne Vielmetter, Koplin Del Rio, etc; but also other shops, like an interior decorator, Peggy Braswell, and a nursery, Ezequiel, flanked by two excellent new restaurants: Sublime Food Lounge and Brunello Trattoria

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli

painter at Thinkspace

Kinkead Contemporary

Suzanne Vielmetter

art on sidewalk

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  1. picketnoise says:

    What a wonderful area – – and within walking distance from Reynier Village! It’s small scale, hip and understated. I love it! Thanks for posting this!!!

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