Mar Vista Gardens

You don’t want to miss the expanded 3rd edition of the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, which has now become a giant eco-festival, celebrating Earth Week,
Saturday April 30 – 11am to 4 pm

Explore examples of drought resistant landscaping and edible gardens, learn about composting techniques and rainwater capture, see how many homeowners use energy efficiency, solar energy, and other sustainable practices to reduce utility bills and help the environment.

There are many personalized tour maps linked here.
We suggest you bicycle to cover more territory.

Check out the Windward School Learning Garden
created by Permaculture Designer Samantha Lyon.
11350 Palms Blvd

Get inspired to implement some of these practices in our own neighborhood!

Text by Elisa Leonelli

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  1. Sherri Akers says:

    Thank you so much for helping us spread the word!! You guys are awesome. We are REALLY excited about showcasing what Samantha has created at Windward School!

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