Jacaranda 2s

Dozens of jacaranda trees have been blossoming in Reynier Village for the past few weeks, their violet purple flowers brightening the neighborhood and blanketing our streets; but they will soon be gone, so you may wish to walk around and enjoy them now!

Although not a native plant (it was first introduced to California in 1892), the jaracanda mimosifolia is beloved in literature by authors writing about by Los Angeles, such as Anais Nin, Raymond Chandler, Joan Didion. Click here for excerpts.
And often mentioned by Los Angeles writers, such as Kate Braverman, who left L.A. for San Francisco, and Eve Babitz, who named Jacaranda the protagonist of her 1979 novel Sex and Rage.

Text and photo by Elisa Leonelli

P.S. Read in LAIST about botanist Kate Sessions (1857-1940), who introduced jacarandas and 140 other warm-weather plants to Southern California.


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  1. Deni says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post Elisa! Yes, I’ve been walking everyday in both Reynier Village and Beverlywood (up Hillsborough) and taking notice of the jacaranda’s showing off all their bright violet splendor. They are beautiful trees and it’s nice to know how they were introduced to California. Thanks again!

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