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Fracking in Baldwin Hills

Last night we attended a Hammer Forum, a conversation with Bill McKibben, the Vermont author, founder of the environmental action group, and Josh Fox, director of Gasland, the documentary about the devastating effects of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural … Continue reading

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Rain barrels

Don’t you wish you could have collected some of the rain that fell yesterday to use it in the coming dry weeks to water your garden? Well, now you can by installing rain barrels under your downspouts. Tree People has … Continue reading

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Go Solar

We attended the Reynier Village solar workshop organized by Open Neighborhoods at PermaCity, and gathered lots useful info that we want to share. It’s never been as affordable as now to install solar panels on your home. You get rebates … Continue reading

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Water saving tips

A couple of weeks ago I attended the last class of the Green Garden Academy, a free seminar series organized by the Office of Sustainability of the City of Santa Monica; the topic was “Showers to Flowers. Learn the proper … Continue reading

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Lawn alternatives

Last Saturday (August 21), we went on a fun tour aboard a Santa Monica Blue bus to look at examples of how to plant, in your backyard or front lawn, new types of grasses, which require much less water and … Continue reading

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How to remove your grass lawn

LAWN BE GONE is the clever title of a class from the GREEN GARDEN ACADEMY. This fun and informative series on Sustainable Gardening, organized by the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment, takes place once a … Continue reading

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Front yard solutions

There’s such a variety of solutions that people have created for their front yards in Reynier Village. Many people have kept the traditional grass  lawns, but are becoming more aware of the necessity to save water during the state-wide drought … Continue reading

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