Posts below by Elisa Leonelli, RVNA webmaster March 2012-February 2017
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RVNA Board 2017

February 11, 2017

RVNA members elected a new Board for a 2-year term:
February 16, 2017 – February 15, 2019.

From left to right (in alphabetical order) Hector Garza, Treasurer – Angelica Hess, At Large – Andrew Leavenworth, Co-President – Joseph Martinez, Webmaster – Edgardo Perez, Communications – Michael Rozales, Co-President

Many thanks to former board members:
Elisa Leonelli,
Communications (2009-2017), Webmaster (2012-2017), Co-President (2013-2017)
Michael Diamond, Vice-President (2016-2017)
Dan Halloran, Social Media (2015-2017)
Anabel Aispuro + John Palmerton, At Large (2015-2017)
Your service to our community is much appreciated.

RVNA Board Elections 2017

electionbuddyFebruary 1, 2017

RVNA members received an email message to VOTE for the 2017-2019 Board elections.
An online system called election buddy was suggested by Andrew Leavenworth and implemented by Edgardo Perez, both current RVNA Board members, with the cooperation of RVNA Co-Presidents Elisa Leonelli and Hector Garza.
These are the candidates:
Co-Presidents: Andrew Leavenworth, Michael Rozales
Treasurer: Hector Garza
Communications: Edgardo Perez
Webmaster: Joseph Martinez
At Large: Angelica Hess

PLEASE VOTE, make your opinions heard. RVNA is only as strong as the neighbors who volunteer their time and skills to serve our community and make Reynier Village a better place to live, free of crime, trash and graffiti.

Voting Deadline is February 10, 2017. Only one vote per household.

RVNA Town Hall 2017

RVNA invited the residents of Reynier Village to join our members at our annual meeting, held at the Palms Westminster Presbyterian Church, January 17, 2017.

Palms Westminster Church, artwork by Calvin. photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

Palms Westminster Church, artwork by Calvin. photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

RVNA Board Members were introduced by Andrew Leavenworth:
Elisa Leonelli, Co-President+Communications, Hector Garza, Co-President+Treasurer, Anabel Aispuro, Mike Diamond, Dan Halloran, Angelica Hess, Edgardo Perez.
Then the Community speakers:
Herb Wesson’s District 10: Elizabeth Carlin
WLAPD: Lt. Mark Day, Lt. Gena Brooks, Officer Edna Velos for SLO Mario Gonzales.
APS Alexander Protective Service: Vernon Rosado
SORONC Board Zone 5: Bryan Warman,
SORONC Quality of Life Committee: Beth Hirsch

Reynier Village residents are encouraged to report illegally dumped items directly to MyLA311, homeless encampments by emailing RVNA. We will forward removal request to SORONC and our Councilmen’s Offices, for LA Sanitation and Caltrans.

Graffiti and taggings should be photographed and reported to LA311 for removal, also emailed to WLAPD Gang unit. If the vandalism is on your property, you should file a police report with LAPD online and include the DR number when emailing photo to WLAPD.

Installing surveillance cameras on your home will help LAPD catch criminals, such as burglars, car thieves and porch pirates. APS offers professional installation. You may also buy a $249 Ring Video Doorbell for your Smartphone.

You will find contact information for LA City Departments and services on the Resources page of our website.

We are seeking qualified volunteers willing to devote their time and skills to serve on the RVNA Board for a 2-year term from February 16, 2017 to February 15, 2019.
RVNA members were sent emails requesting candidates to submit their qualifications.

Support your Reynier Village Neighborhood Association by becoming a dues-paying member of RVNA with APS Patrol Service. See Membership page for details.

Events 2016

Reynier Park 1bs

RVNA News 2016

January 30, 2016

We held our annual membership meeting on January 9, 2016 at new local restaurant Asian Fusion on Robertson. More than 150 RVNA members were invited to join the RVNA Board and Block Captains to discuss the direction of RVNA for 2016 and celebrate RVNA accomplishments for 2015.

In 2014 RVNA contacted Herb Wesson’s office and the SORO Neighborhood Council for their help in petitioning LAPD and LA City Departments to install NO Overnight Parking for Oversize Vehicles in the Cattaraugus and Garth underpasses.  This was accomplished and campers are no longer parked there.  RVNA regularly monitors the illegal dumping of large items in our streets, reports it to LA Sanitation and to SORO NC LandUse Committee.  We also report homeless encampments to our Councilmen’s offices.

Please check the HFPA history page of our website for more information.

The RVNA 2016 Newsletter was printed by SLB Printing on Robertson, and distributed to our 20 Block Captains to deliver to every home in Reynier Village.  Read it below.
This is our way of reaching those residents who are not on our mailing list.
Please send your email address to reyniervillage@yahoo.com to receive FREE News and Alerts about Neighborhood events.

Kindly volunteer your time and skills to keep RVNA active.

Thanks for your support
RVNA Board

RVNA Flyer 2016 web-1sRVNA Flyer 2016 web-2s

Events 2015


RVNA Meeting 2015

Casa de Amigos. Reynier Village

Casa de Amigos. Reynier Village (c) Elisa Leonelli

Sunday June 14, 2015

RVNA Board, Block Captains and volunteers gathered in the lovely backyard of Casa de Amigos for a brunch meeting.  Mexican food from Campos on Robertson was served. Dates for this year’s Summer Park nights were confirmed: July 15, 29-August 12, 26.  We will get food from restaurants that worked well for us in previous years: Pizza from The Coop, Argentinian Empanadas, Mexican from Campos, Italian from Bella Roma.  7 board members (Elisa, Hector, Angelica, Edgardo, Anabel, Andrew, Dan) and 2 block captains (Mike & Roe) volunteered to help organize this popular neighborhood event in 2015.
Friendly realtor Dan May will again coordinate our annual RVNA yard sale: Saturday September 26.
Thanks everyone for supporting your Neighborhood Association.

SORO Fest 2015

May 30, 2015

RVNA sent a message to the 450 neighbors on our email list, encouraging them to walk over to Robertson to attend our 18th annual SORO Fest.  This year the theme was Emergency Preparedness, that RVNA is also committed to promote in our community.
See our Reynier Village Blog post for more details.


RVNA News 2015

January 18, 2015

A RVNA 2015 NEWS flyer was printed, at our local SLB Printing on Robertson, and distributed to our 20 volunteer Block Captains, who will deliver it door to door to every home in Reynier Village.
As proposed by the board and approved by the membership, 2 more blocks were added, Garth Avenue and Corning Street. We hope that a RVNA presence in that area will help deter crime, when neighbors watch out for each other, and are offered the benefit of APS patrols, with RVNA membership.
The new 2015 RVNA board was also approved by voting members.

RVNA Flyer 2015
RVNA Flyer 2015-2

Events 2014

Reynier Park 2014s

RVNA party 2014

Happy Holidays

December 7, 2014

RVNA invited their members (150) to a meeting and party at Grand Casino.  Assorted empanadas and cookies, iced tea and lemonade were served. Members and board discussed plans for making Reynier Village a better place to live in 2015.

Elisa Leonelli will continue to serve as Communications and Webmaster, Hector Garza as Treasurer, Steve Demmer as Vice-President, Angelica Hess will help again with Summer Park Nights.  Andrew Leavenworth will organize a community meeting about emergency preparedness.  John Palmerton will revise our original 2007 bylaws.  Dan Halloran will increase RVNA presence on Social Media: Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter.  Two more members volunteered to join the board: Edgardo Perez and Anabel Aispuro.

A 2015 RVNA News flyer will be printed in January and distributed to the more than 500 homes in Reynier Village by our 20 block captains.

Please let us know if you wish to volunteer your time and skills to keep RVNA active.
Email RVNA with your questions and suggestions.

Thanks for your support
RVNA Board

RVNA Board elections 2015

November 14, 2014

During 2014 RVNA functioned with an interim Board, since we were unable to hold our bi-annual elections in 2013, because not enough candidates volunteered.
Read Election News 2013 for more details.
Elisa Leonelli handled Communications, acted as President and Secretary, Hector Garza performed his functions as Treasurer, Steve Demmer organized Summer Park Nights as Vice-President, with the help of Angelica Hess. Andrew Leavenworth held Emergency Preparedness classes in Reynier Park. John Palmerton acted as Board member At Large.

At a November 11 interim Board meeting, it was decided that 2014 RVNA members will be invited to serve their community as candidates for the 2015 RVNA Board positions described below, for a 2-year term from February 15, 2015 to February 15, 2017. Deadline to submit their candidacy and qualifications: December 10, 2014.

All Reynier Village residents are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to keep RVNA active.  Please email us with your proposals.

Descriptions of 2015 RVNA Board Positions, based on the services that RVNA has been providing for RVNA members and Reynier Village Residents since 2007.

President:  Represent RVNA to other organizations such as SORO NC (South Robertson Neighborhood Council), nearby Neighborhood Associations, LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), LA City departments, Councilman’s office.
Vice-President: Organize social activities, like summer park nights, block captains brunch, members gatherings, annual yard sale.
Treasurer:  Collect annual fees, maintain financial records and database of paid members.
Secretary:  Maintain files for each block and lists of email addresses, build Excel database, coordinate Block Captains, solicit membership and sign-ups to mailing list, walk door to door, deliver APS signs.
Communications:  Follow neighborhood activities of interest and communicate the info to RVNA mailing list of residents.  Write and design newsletter.
Crime:  Review crime updates from LAPD and Crime Mapping, solicit details from victims of burglaries and car theft. Send crime prevention tips to RVNA mailing list, including graffiti and littering. Coordinate trash cleanups.
Emergency: Organize classes for Reynier Village residents about Emergency Preparedness, offer advice about emergency supplies. Coordinate neighbors with special skills to help each block in case of a disaster.
Webmaster: Create posts and updates for the RVNA website and the Reynier Village Blog
At Large: Explore ideas for activities to benefit Reynier Village residents, help with any of the above tasks.